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Mission Mexico Update from the Border

2014 Update from the Border

All of our ministry partners send their Greetings and Best Wishes!!

They all specifically wished for me to Thank You, for your Prayers and support.  Particularly Your Prayers.

Much of the violence, of the last several years, has subsided.  Ministries & groups are now more freely moving back and forth between Juarez & El Paso.  We look forward to partnering with El Buen Pastor, with hands on ministry, in Juarez, Mexico and reconnecting with our brothers and sisters in there.

We delivered two trailer loads of quilts, warm clothes, school supplies, and medical supplies, to our ministry partners on the border.  Your donations = 14,240 lbs. and cost $ 3,526.01 to deliver to El Paso / Juarez, Mexico.

The relocation of Dr. San Juan Mendoza & the medical clinic, into a new location, is taking much longer than we had hoped.  We’ve learned from our application for a permit to establish a medical clinic, that there needs to be significant off street parking.  This is very frustrating, since most of the patients that Doctor sees, do NOT have vehicles.

Dr. Mendoza has found a variety of sites, but they are either out of our price range or they are purchased prior to our being able to make an offer.  Some also have had “issues” with determining the ownership of the property.  We’ve learned of some vacant land that is owned by the government.  Doctor is going to be bold and ask that they “donate” the land to us.

Please offer your prayer support on this.  It’s bigger than we might needed, but its’ location is ideal.  In a safe neighborhood and across the street from an elementary school.  Near public transportation and a few doors down from the church – El Buen Pastor.

As of the end of November, there is $ 30,910.92 in the Medical Clinic account.  The money’s are being held in a segregated fund, managed by our sister congregation in El Paso – Cristo Rey Lutheran – ELCA.  There was a modest amount of funds ($ 968.86 )that we have sent from OSLC, prior to the end of the year.

We also have a couple of grant applications in, and have confirmation that one request                 ($ 5,000.00) will be honored.  We will not know if the funding that we have collected so far, will be adequate, until we locate the property that God has set aside for us.  Having more, would allow Doctor to purchase medical supplies, so more is a good thing.

My conversations with the pastors that we visited with, during our October trip, indicated there is a need, for educational materials that they could use for children and youth.  They have visions of combining their educational offerings – shared ministry.  They would like the materials to be in both English & Spanish so they can practice their bi-lingual skills for their bi-lingual culture.  If anyone has resources that they could recommend, Please let us know.             We will probably be seeking financial help to make these resources available to children on both sides of the border.

Ministries on both sides of the border have had huge responses ( 100+ per week) for their VBS programs, so these educational resources are of much value to them.

Your support of Prayer, time, & treasure are very much appreciated.     Thank You!!

Peace & Blessings from La Frontera    Mission with Mexico Board

Gary Gienapp, Debbie Smith, Scott Alne, Sander Engelsgjerd, & Arlan Bergquist