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Sacraments at Our Saviour’s are important and fundamental to our worship service. Learn more about how we celebrate Baptism and Communion for all ages.


At Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church, Baptism is a significant milestone and begins a life-long journey characterized by our relationship with God, our faith community and the world. A “Splash Sponsor” supports your child and family through this milestone ministry.

We baptize young and old; If you are interested in baptism for a child, please let us know even before your baby is born. Feel free to contact the Pastor to set up an appointment to plan a Baptism.

First Communion

Jesus says, “Let the little children come…”
~Luke 18:16 At Our Saviour’s, children have a place with Jesus at the gracious and wondrous meal of forgiveness, life, hope, joy, renewal, nourishment, peace, comfort, challenge, courage, and strength; a place like no other — the Lord’s Table. The arms of Jesus are open. The table is set. There is room for all, and Jesus has never stopped saying, “Let the children come to me.”

Discerning if Your Child is Ready to Take Communion

Parents, in consultation with the Pastor , can best determine if a child is ready for communion.  Every child is different and each will pick up on the significance of the meal at a different point.  Use questions like these to help you understand your child and her/his sense of belonging in the faith community, so you can make a decision about readiness.

  • Has she or he been baptized?
  • Is your child comfortable in various locations around the church, including the altar?
  • Will the child extend his or her hands when asked to do so?
  • Does your child seem able to interact with others enough in order to receive the elements?
  • Are you as parents or caregivers prepared to help make this a positive process?

Only the first question requires an absolute yes before the child can be considered ready for communion.  The other questions are meant to assist in understanding the child’s readiness. They are meant to generate conversation, set goals, and direct the preparation process for each child and her/his family.

Once you decide as a family that your child is ready to receive communion, consult with the Pastor  if you have any questions.

We will have a class on Saturday, March 10 from 11am-3pm.
Please contact the church office if you are interested in participating.