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Flat Martin & Katie Project


This summer we are leading up to the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. In honor of that, and to stay connected as a congregation this summer, we are asking that you join the fun of traveling with Martin and Katie! Please have your stories and pictures back to Our Saviour’s by Wednesday, September 6.

  1. Feel free to cut out, decorate, and we can even laminate them; put on a popsicle stick, etc.
    (See image at the bottom of the page)
  2. On the back, keep a list of where Martin & Katie visited and when they were there.
    1. When you get back to Our Saviour’s, you can put a mark on the maps we have set up.
    2. This can be done on large scale trips across the world, to small trips across town!
  3. Remember the stories
    1. Who did you meet along the journey because of Martin & Katie?
    2. What did you learn on your journey with Martin & Katie?
    3. What did you experience on your journey?
    4. Were you changed in any way by this project?
  4. Focus on the pictures
    1. Let the pictures express your creativity and personality
    2. Find landmarks, special people you meet, or some way to express what was happening.
  5. Share the pictures
    1. On Social Media with #wherearemartinandkatie and #oslccf
      1. Tag on Facebook
        1. Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church (page)
        2. Paul Leske Oppedahl
        3. Shannon Fleischfresser
        4. Jared Johnson
      2. Tag on Twitter
        1. @OurSavioursCF
        2. @scheelspro
        3. @babyfly87
      3. Share on Snapchat
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  1. If not on social media – EMAIL us
    1. Please put Martin & Katie in the subject line
    2. Send to one of these emails
      1. jared@oslccf.net
      2. shannon@oslccf.net
      3. shannon.youth87@gmail.com
    3. If not DIGITAL… you can mail or drop off pictures
      *We can give you your originals back as well!

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