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Hope Village

Make a positive difference in someone’s life….Become a Hope Village Mentor!

These quotes from Tommy and Tina tell how much they appreciate their mentors

  • Tommy – “Alyssa is helping as much as she can, it’s been a team effort getting me to where I am now”
  • Tina – “I got a life coach and now I have this awesome support system that I didn’t have before. Even though I am no longer in a tiny house, I have their support. The people I have now to support me is a big help. I always felt I was so alone, you know, nobody cared, no one would know if I weren’t here, but now I feel different.


When a guest moves into a Tiny House they are paired with two mentors. The mentors meet with the guest to offer support and encouragement, provide transportation if necessary and find ways to obtain their permanent housing goals. Mentors are asked to meet with their guest, text or call at least once a week. Through these contacts a strong relationship is formed.


Mentors are trained by the director of the Career Development Center Outreach Office. Often a new mentor is paired with an experienced mentor. Hope Village is looking for more mentors for their Tiny House guests. If you are interested or have other questions please contact Mike Cohoon 715-210-5405.

To learn more about Hope Village look at their website http://www.HopeVillageChippewaFalls.com or find Hope Village on Facebook