Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church
1300 Mansfield Street
Chippewa Falls, WI 54729
Office Hours: M-Th, 8a.m.-4p.m.

Sneaky Jesus

Who: All members of Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church

When: This will run from June 6-September 7

What: This summer, we want Jesus to go with you on your solo and family vacations. You might enjoy a “staycation” in Chippewa Falls or go to another city, state, or country. You might visit family, friends, important landmarks or historical sites, and/or see and experience different cultures. It doesn’t matter where you go, close or far, just as long as Jesus sneaks and goes with you! WE WANT PROOF that Sneaky Jesus went with you!

How: First, color your Sneaky Jesus that is enclosed in this newsletter. Next, bring Him with you on your vacation. Then, take a picture with Sneaky Jesus. Finally, print off the picture, bring it to church, and give it to Ashley.

Watch: Together, we are going to track all the places that Sneaky Jesus traveled to this summer. How many cities will he visit? States? Countries? Watch the map in the Narthex to see all the amazing places that Sneaky Jesus travels to this summer!

sneaky jesus_201505281421