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Over the years, Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church developed good relationships with a couple of Lutheran congregations along the Texas-Mexico border. We sponsor one to three mission trips to join with these congregations, building and repairing homes as we build relationships and learn from each other.

Ysleta Lutheran Mission

While in El Paso, OSLC’s missionaries stay at the Ysleta Lutheran Mission.  Ysleta Lutheran Mission “provides relief and human care services while planting and nurturing missions in the border region of El Paso/Juarez.  Founded in 1982, YLM provides aid and ministry services that benefit the lives of thousands of people every year.”

San Lorenzo Clinic

We have just over $30,000 in the account held by Cristo Rey, that can be used for the medical clinic.  They continue to search for either a building or land that we could purchase that will meet the requirements for both our needs and codes of Juarez/Mexico.  It has been frustrating that we’ve not “found” that property in the 3 years that we’ve searched.  But we continue to remind ourselves – God’s Time no ours.  It appears that we will need more funding, since several of the properties that we have last explored, have been over $30,000.  Whatever the cost, we would also need about $5,000 for legal fees.  Many have asked about the clinic and have indicated that they would be willing to offer more funding, when that need becomes clearer.

 Mission Mexico Updates

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